People and Resources for Learning About Tech-Facilitated Violence & Abuse

Recently I met up with someone who attending my talk, Designing Against Domestic Violence, and was interested in learning more about the space and people doing similar work. When I started digging into this area a little over a year ago, I knew people working on the topic must be out there, but I struggled to find them. I also struggled to find relevant research and articles about tech-facilitated domestic violence and similar issues. To help my new friend, I agreed to put together a list of people to follow on twitter and a list of articles and studies. Here are those lists. These mainly involve people working the issue of abuse, violence, and stalking that is facilitated by technology.

People to follow on twitter:

Bonus: a few more people who are not necessarily in the tech-facilitated violence and abuse space, but are very good people to follow on twitter for anyone interested in social justice + tech.

Articles, Studies, and More on the Topic of Tech-Facilitated Violence, Abuse, and Stalking

Note that “domestic violence” is often shortened to “DV.”

Are there other people doing related work that should be added to the list of people to follow on twitter, or do you have an article that covers something important that should be on the list of resources? Let me know! (Note that there are lots of articles saying the same thing, so make sure that the article you propose adding is giving new information from the ones already listed.)



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