Urban Leash is a Chicago start-up that provides on-demand dog walking and cat sitting. Their flexible offerings are built around an understanding of busy pet owners that is lacking among other dog walking companies, making their service unique and much-appreciated by Chicago’s pet-loving professionals.


My team and I were challenged…

This project challenged me to create a solution for a common problem: the way photo-taking interrupts our time with friends and family, causes strife between the photographer and those being photographed, and the overall negative experience of being with that friend or family member who insists on taking many, many photos in an effort to get the perfect shot.


The opportunity to create a solution for photo-taking that doesn’t interrupt people’s time together was was twofold: I could simultaneously help obsessive photo-takers get the pictures they crave while also making the experience of being photographed something that was more pleasant and did not disrupt people’s time together.

My Role

UX Research…

Eva PenzeyMoog

Tech | Design | Code | Feminism | Minimalism

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